18, 02, 2016


Going through old pics of this True & Co. Lingerie shoot and realizing so much of how we “think” we look is really just a reflection of how we feel. I did this photo shoot as a Dare to Bare ambassador and wanted to showcase positive body image even without the six-pack dream body I’ve always wanted. Truth is, I’m uncomfortable in a sports-bra, in a bikini, in lingerie, I always “think” I can look better; skinnier, stronger, more toned.. The list goes on.

The facts are: I teach 14 classes a week, I ride 9-12 of them, I cross-train, I do yoga, I lift weights, I do ENOUGH.

I’m a conscious eater, I eat organic 90% of the time, I don’t have dairy unless it’s a dessert item of course ;), I choose gluten free, I drink a TON of water, I do it all. It should be enough.

And it is enough. My body is strong, my organs are healthy, my body isn’t depended on ANY medications, I have full mobility and am in totality- HEALTHY!

On the day of the shoot, I felt bloated, I felt insecure, I was even feeling sick; I decided not to share these pics because when I looked at them I saw how I felt, not what was very clearly in front of me.

Today when I look at them, even though I am 5lbs lighter and more toned now, I am happy with what I see. Once removed from the situation and feelings back then, in hindsight I can see 20/20. A healthy, happy, strong, capable, sexy woman. Who does enough and IS enough.

So take pics NOW, feel good in your skin NOW, and enjoy your health NOW, because it won’t be this good forever.

Blue and white bra: http://bit.ly/1TpjfPD | Black bra: http://bit.ly/1Vqyx5E | Photo credit: Rita Earl Photography

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