27, 05, 2016



| Here’s the deal. I have large breasts. 34D sometimes DD to be exact. 👀 I can’t wear a lot of things like plunging necklines or strapless tops. I can’t wear shirts without a bra. I also can’t workout in a sports bra without feeling like I’m revealing everything or like it’s inappropriate. Even standing up straight with good posture makes me feel like “I’m sticking them out”.. I imagine lots of women with larger breasts feel this way.
Well, truth is I’m only getting older and I’ve always wanted to feel comfortable enough with my my body to ride in a sports bra. When I’m 70 I’m gonna look back and realize how silly I was for feeling this way, especially as gravity starts to take its toll. So today, I did it and maybe my newly vegan diet has changed my body enough that I feel more comfortable or maybe I just feel supported and loved in the SoulCycle room or maybe I was just feeling my Carbon38 bra or whatever, it doesn’t matter but it felt so good!

This week I’m challenging anyone who takes my class to ride in their sports-bra, large or small cups, doesn’t matter. It’s such a silly thing and also is so empowering as a woman to be ok with your body, all of your body. So whether it’s for one song or the whole class, come ride with me in your beautiful physical form and empower yourself to feel comfortable EXACTLY THE WAY YOU ARE!

For more body positive support visit www.movemeantfoundation.com <3

Deity Jewels necklace: http://bit.ly/1P5A2rv Carbon38 sports bra: http://bit.ly/2jiAGo7 (discount code is PIXIE50)

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