15, 07, 2016


PIXIE EL SALVADOR DOGS| SO, I HAVE AN IDEA! ️My heart can’t stop thinking about all of the dogs in El Salvador. They were the happiest dogs, free to roam, loved by all the locals, some needed a Lil more meat on their bones but they were seemingly, pretty happy. Except one thing.. THEY NEVER STOPPED ITCHING!!!! It was heartbreaking actually. I had a few mozzie bites (mosquito) that were annoying me and to think they spend their whole like itching and chewing like that is eating me up. The fleas, ticks, and tapeworms are so easy to cure and would make their days way more enjoyable. I’m thinking of starting some kind of volunteer group, nonprofit, missions trip back to El Tunco to help these babies! Funding for a free spay and neuter clinic or something! Stay tuned!!

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