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PIXIE ACIA MAC| So before I was a fitness pro I was a long time makeup artist. I was a freelance artist that did anything from a struggling college students runway show to Ethiopian weddings, movies, commercials, fashion mags, music videos to children’s birthdays, even the cover of Penthouse magazine; I did it all. I was, and still am, obsessed with being able to change the way you feel and look by playing and painting all over your face. I was raised in a household that celebrated art. That encouraged self exploration and expression. I was allowed to wear almost whatever I wanted and had no restrictions on the color of my hair. So rainbow colored from head to toe, I was!

After receiving my esthetician license at Miss Marty’s Esthetician Institute in San Francisco, I quickly realized makeup was all I was interested in. Apparently I excelled in the makeup curriculum because they offered me the job of Makeup Instructor for the following semester; I was a tad annoyed as I thought I just paid for some amazing education and if they were asking me to teach I obviously could have learned more right?

Anyway, years later I got a job at MAC cosmetics and finally my artistic side was satiated! I learned SO MUCH in my few years at MAC. They were a fantastic company and spent the time and money on educating us on the brand, their products, continually inspired and raised the bar in the cosmetics industry. It was truly a privilege and I learnt a wealth of knowledge. Working on the everyday faces of the public; all shapes, bone structures and skin tones with different requests taught me so much about makeup artistry that eventually I wanted to learn even more! I found an independent school in Chino Hills- yeah I said Chino Hills- that I thought would teach me more and then I eventually worked for them as well. Eventually I ventured and attended Cinema Makeup School in beautiful Korea Town, Los Angeles. I enrolled and completed their entire program; from basic beauty makeup, high fashion, tv & film to special effects. All three of these schools taught me that bottom line- MAKEUP WAS SO FUN!!

So to make a long story endless; I’m going to give you a few makeup tips for fall.

I personally like to transition through the seasons with my makeup; both color and coverage need to gradually change.

So in summer I wear a bright cream blush, concealer and waterproof mascara because, duh.

Once I start to lose my sun kissed skin I need a lil more coverage and these BB Creams are light weight with great coverage and SPF 35! #Convenient (this one is MAC Prep + Prime BB Cream)

For fall I like to bring romantic attention to the eyes with light to mid tones. A full sweep of the lid emphasizing on the crease and smudged eye liner outside the eyes and a waterproof dark brown inside the waterline.

I love to apply a highlight to the outer area around the lips with a small fluffy brush; this creates a fuller juicier lip. Add a gloss, a lip tint or chap stick and people will wonder what your lips taste like.

Sometimes I’ll highlight the cheek bones, and the eyelids only.

*also don’t be afraid to use your fave brow highlight eyeshadow to your cheeks! Motif seen in photo is one of my favorite eye shadows but I only use it on my cheeks!

There are two other eyeshadows in this photo; Shale and Texture. THEY ARE EVERYTHING!! They can be used alone, mixed with so many colors and make every eye color pop! I love to sweep them lightly over the whole eyelid top and bottom with just mascara for a bright yet sexy, bohemian look.

If you smudge a darker eyeliner around your upper and lower lash before using you’ll have a beautiful smokey eye that can carry you through the evening without looking like you you’re hitting the club.

Add a bold lip like MAC Red or MAC Ruby Woo and voilà, you just gave yourself a full fall makeup-over!

All you need now is your pumpkin spiced vegan latte and a cozy sweater and you’re ready to make fall your Bitch!


MAC brush 224

MAC Prep + Prime BB Cream

MAC Motif 

MAC Shale and Texture eyeshadow

MAC Red and MAC Ruby Woo lipsticks

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

[and thank you MAC for supporting this post]

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