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| Post waves, pre-lunch, catching up on rays and yoga sutras.

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3 responses to “YOGA SCHOOL STUDYING”

  1. Jen says:

    What Yoga school? My yoga studio offers instructor training, but I had the understanding that certs. and schools were not required, so if you are enrolled in a credible school…I am interested. I spent several years in the animal field on the island of Guam as a shelter worker, euthanasia tech, and vet assistant….and burned out, smoked alot and was super depressed. I took a gov job and began working for pay and bennies instead of passion and I hate it. I just just JUST as in 2 days ago, made it my next goal to amp up my own yoga routine, work on myself so I am ready in January to take the instructor training. So long story long, what yoga school do you recommend? Thanks. You look great and you do inspire. Appreciate you.

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