19, 10, 2016

TURN IT UP 20!! 


| Hey Soulstars!  

I’m so impressed and inspired by all of you who have signed up for #turnitup20! I’m no stranger to loving a good challenge and commiting to a goal and love the feeling of a finishline! I’ve seen so many of you in class already and it’s awesome!

So as your coach I’d like to share a few tips to make sure your turn it up 20 journey is a fun and successful one!

Here’s the skinny: 

1. You’re not doing this to be skinny, you’re doing this for fun and to celebrate all that your body can do! Stay with THAT motivation! It’s healthier and sustainable.

2. You need to eat MORE than usual. Make sure you’re fueling your body with what it needs from the moment you wake up, pre workout, post workout and before bed!

So many of us hate to eat before a workout, I get it, puking on a bike isn’t the best way to start your day. You’ll need to start your metabolism, turn your brain on and give your body the glucose supply it’s about to burn. You can start with something light like berries, bananas, oats etc., eggs, nuts, pre workout drinks; whatever you can stomach!

3. Hydration station! It may be TMI but I’m your authentic honest coach and I’m gonna keep it real. You’re urine should be clear, every morning and every night. Your hydration starts the day before your workout. First thing in the am before coffee, whatttt? Nothing happens before coffee! Until now. Before class, after class, before and after every meal, even when you’re not thirsty, drink water!

And lastly, before bed. Drink up buttercup!

4. Recovery days are a must! If you plan them however, plan them with flexibility. So if Sunday is your rest day but Wednesday you wake up feeling beat, LISTEN to your body and take Wednesday off, call the studio, have them book your classes to Sunday, your original rest day and take time to recover. The intimacy of listening to your body is more important than the six pack, trust me.

5. Ride Schedule. Give yourself one to two rest days a week, this is so important! Recovery is how you get stronger, it’s how you let your body rebuild and repair after you break down the muscles and use all of its energy and fuel. It’s SO important. Secondly, if you’re doing doubles then the best way to ride is 2 classes a day as close together as possible. So 7am, 9am or 10:30-12:30 or 9:30&10:30 but not 6am and 6pm, you need as many hours of recovery between exercises especially when they are the same workout.

6. Crosstrain! Cannot stress this enough. Yoga! (Maybe not hot yoga as you’ve been sweating more than an nun in a cucumber patch by adding all these classes to your schedule) but maybe a yin class? A stretch class, Pilates, swimming, barre, something to stretch you out and move your body on multiple planes.

7. Do it with a smile! Remember that if you’re not doing it with a smile on your face you may be doing it wrong. 😉  Have fun with it! Get a buddy, communicate with fellow riders, share stories etc., this is the best time to fully experience the community of SoulCycle! Commit to this completely and see the change in your physical form, the boost in your confidence and see how happiness is in fact a byproduct of achieving your goals!

Cheering and coaching you through it from the room to the finish line! 

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