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Be a damsel, but be a self-sufficient ready for any type of emergency one. And with the world’s smallest effective survival, you can be! Disaster can strike at anytime and most likely will be when you’re least expecting it. Driving home in harsh weather conditions, an earthquake, a blackout, a broken down car at 2am, a terrorist attack, a flash flood, this world is getting crazier by the minute, who knows what’s next. We pay for car insurance, health insurance, medicare, 401k, etc., but what about when shit hits the fan in the present moment? Like, tomorrow? Then what are you gonna do? Call 911 and sit by the phone and wait? Also, if you live in a big city you know how slow first responders can be due to traffic alone. Anyway, you catch my drift. You never know what crazy predicament you may find yourself in and this kit will make you feel safe, prepared and even teach you how to handle the situation step by step. This kit is fool proof! So let’s talk about it!

Studies show that most emergency situations can be resolved in 72 hours. What you do in those 72 however can be the difference between life and death. I personally grew up with a father that taught me a lot about camping, the wilderness and the great outdoors. Most women however, don’t know much about even being outside let alone how to set up camp, start a fire or handle a life threatening emergency without a cell phone. This kit is perfect for the inexperienced adventurer, the first time camping Dad and the Mother stranded on the side of the road with her kids. It has everything listed by scenarios, well labeled compartments and simple, direct instructions to help you step by step through any emergency.

It’s 10.5lbs in weight, which let’s be honest, women in LA carry bags that big and heavy around all day as purses, this is nothing. It’s fully waterproof, can be used as a floatation device. Has everything you need to keep warm, keep you hydrating, fuel you and your family for days and has a water filter that will filter 100,000 gallons of water! That’s more water than you’ll consume in your entire life!

Shelter? You’re covered. Fire? You can start one. Smoke or dust mask? Got you covered. Broken bones? Slings inside. Burns, cuts, scrapes? Bandages, antiseptics, gause and rope and to stop the bleeding. Cellphone dead? Need a flashlight? Charged! Have to icepic or shovel some dirt mud or snow? Done. Need a radio to listen for weather reports to be prepared? Tuned in! Flares to signal for help? Illuminated! Freezing temperatures? Warmed up! Sunscreen, bug spray, chapstick? Moisturized and protected.

The point is, you have no idea what you’re gonna need but Uncharted supply does! They have teamed up with high elevation medical advisors, professional climbers who have multiple Everest Summits under their belts, stuntmen, Mountain Guide and Avalanche specialists, fathers, farm boys and more. They’ve got you covered. They pride themselves on only providing you with what you need and not weighing you down with the things you don’t.

So where do you keep this pack you ask? Well, your car! This way it’s always with you on the road, and if you’re at home it’s easily accessible in your driveway or parking spot.

Ok, so the best part is this life saving pack is really affordable and will last you YEARS!!! The food inside alone last for 5 years! So for $330 you can be completely prepared and ready for almost any situation! Take a moment and check out their site, it has video tutorials and pics to help better explain why you need a life saving pack today!

Free People boots: http://bit.ly/2h3l7kA 

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