22, 12, 2016

Wherever Whenever Workouts with Untangle

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| Happy Holiday’s y’all! I partnered with a new app that allows you to program your fitness, skincare, appointment, etc. regimens and routines to stay organized called Untangle for 3 workouts to get you through the holiday! Download the free app by clicking my photo and signing up at http://bit.ly/pixieholidaytravelworkouts and you can workout with me whenever, wherever you want! Also, tag me @pixopatomus and let me know how they feel on your body! I want to see your sweat, smiles and success!

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  1. Teri Weinberg says:

    Not only have you been a guiding light for my soul journey for the past 3 years, you have also opened up my mind and body and always encouraged me to cross train and honor my body in other ways. ….so that took me to 2 Triathlons this past year with more to come. I made a commitment to shake up my workout while you were on holiday, and took a soul cycle hiatus, and set a workout schedule based on your Untangle workout. I did a version of the 3 workouts every day, and loved every second of it. I felt new muscles at work and soreness in areas I hadn’t felt in some time. I feel stronger, more complete and if you can even imagine, my endurance as also improved.

    I just wanted to say a special thank you for always thinking of us, who look to you for spiritual, and physical guidance to find and be our better, stronger selves. You’re a beautiful madman, and I appreciate the crazy hard workout you set up for me to keep working. I’m still working it into my regimen and love it.

    Yours in good health, Teri~


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