21, 07, 2017


| Yoga. It does a mental game GOOD. It does my body awareness good, my emotional well being good, it does my spirit GOOD! It’s ALL GOOD. I just had an interesting internal conversation with myself in savasana and since I seem to vocalize negative thoughts about my physical being and dodge compliments like they’re the deadliest bullets; I thought I would share. The world needs more honest positive authentic thoughts. So here goes it: I lay there in corpse and my hands just began to hover above my intestines, floated up to my heart and down to my pelvis and back up again. And as they did I heard myself appreciating my body. All my sexual energy, the reproductive powers in my pelvis, my heart’s ability to love and forgive, my internal organs for processing and detoxing and nourishing my body, my skin and my muscles and my fat and my femininity, all of it! I just for a moment had a feeling of LOVE and true appreciation for all that my body is. My strong, imperfectly perfect, physical vessel. I felt warm, I felt whole and most of all, I felt free. And fuck did that feel GOOD!!!! It is my intention to have more moments of loving myself for exactly who I am.

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