31/ 07/ 2017


| Two days into this retreat and my heart is so full! By Friday it just might explode! I love my people, I love teaching yoga and I love being a student of life. It’s been 6 years since I’ve taught yoga and it feels so incredibly good to be back! Thank you Mia for reminding me that I am gifted and for encouraging me to let my light shine. Pura vida!


28/ 07/ 2017


| They say humans are the most evolved, self-aware species on the planet. Then chimps, dolphins, elephants, octopuses, crows, squirrels, dogs, cats, then pigs. I think I have to disagree. I think the animals have the right idea. So far removed from ego and consumerism and greed. Focusing on needing over wanting and celebrating the little things. Anytime I have a moment by the end of the earth and especially when out of the states, (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the states) I am reminded that less is more and that our lives are oh so complicated. That the real magic is truly in the sheer beauty of the planet and wildlife around us. God it feels good to be here. I’m am so grateful!

25/ 07/ 2017


| 👁 July 25th 2017. 11:59pm. Must be the season of the witch 🎶🎵

Vintage hat, similar styles at Nordstrom http://bit.ly/2vCtMCb and Isabel Marant on Net-A-Porter http://bit.ly/2x2IiRd

21/ 07/ 2017


| Yoga. It does a mental game GOOD. It does my body awareness good, my emotional well being good, it does my spirit GOOD! It’s ALL GOOD. I just had an interesting internal conversation with myself in savasana and since I seem to vocalize negative thoughts about my physical being and dodge compliments like they’re the deadliest bullets; I thought I would share. The world needs more honest positive authentic thoughts. So here goes it: I lay there in corpse and my hands just began to hover above my intestines, floated up to my heart and down to my pelvis and back up again. And as they did I heard myself appreciating my body. All my sexual energy, the reproductive powers in my pelvis, my heart’s ability to love and forgive, my internal organs for processing and detoxing and nourishing my body, my skin and my muscles and my fat and my femininity, all of it! I just for a moment had a feeling of LOVE and true appreciation for all that my body is. My strong, imperfectly perfect, physical vessel. I felt warm, I felt whole and most of all, I felt free. And fuck did that feel GOOD!!!! It is my intention to have more moments of loving myself for exactly who I am.

13/ 07/ 2017


| W H O A 💥 So many feelings, kind of speechless to be honest.. Today a few of my colleagues and I were promoted to Master Instructors. A huge congratulations to Gina, Angela and David, well deserved! I didn’t actually know how much that meant to me until they dance bombed the room! In they came, screaming, jumping, cheering, wearing LED glasses, hats, rings, waving giant balloons that read MASTER; projecting a wall of of loving energy that was so powerful they could split the seas! When I finally realized what was happening I fell to my knees and duh, started crying. The last 5 1/2 years working at SoulCycle have been some of the best years of my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I’m grateful that I am seen and appreciated and celebrated for all of my hard work and effort. Opening up the first West Coast studio was a big job, a huge leap of faith, and an honor. 💛✨💛 In my Beverly Hills class today, they brought a candle and had me make a wish, I know you’re not supposed to share your wishes but this one I think is important to acknowledge. Being a fitness instructor is an extremely difficult job especially at SoulCycle. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and with that comes a lot of egocentric thoughts and feelings that are sometimes hard to manage. Being that we design and curate our own playlists and choreography all while trying to convey an authentic message, puts us in a vulnerable space of hoping that the product we deliver lands well and is received by many. Never mind it being an extremely physical job, it is also a rollercoaster of emotions, the good the bad and the ugly- but mostly the good! 😉 To make a long story unless, today I really feel seen and appreciated and like my hard work has been acknowledged. And my wish was that every instructor feels or eventually feels these feelings of being seen, appreciated and supported. So a mad shout out to all the instructors across the country who are giving their all, we couldn’t do this without each other and #togetherwegetstronger! May we all get our time to shine!

03/ 05/ 2017


| Fuel on the go and in a rush is key when you teach fitness.  One of my favorite go-to’s, and Oscar’s, is a nut based vegan yogurt with all the necessary accoutrements! Organic bananas and blueberries for potassium carbs and antioxidants. Goji berries, Chia seeds and bee pollen – all super foods for a mix of energy and omega 3 fatty acids. Sprinkle some homemade Sarah Sugerman granola on top and you have a mix of nuts seeds and coconut shreds to make this breakfast both nutritious and extremely delicious!

21/ 04/ 2017


| The way I see it, every day spent on this planet is huge blessing, a gift, and an opportunity to experience great things. The older I get the more awake I become and the more I learn that knowledge is power and in fact demands action. While I have always been passionate about environmental sustainability and have chosen an almost completely vegan diet in hopes of contributing to a healthier planet after seeing the Plastic Ocean screener at Soho Malibu and learning so much from the film I realized that the world of plastic is world we know NOTHING about, but are being affected by daily. Immediately I heard myself asking; how can I help? What’s my role here, why was this information brought to me and how can I share it with like-minded humans?

The SoulCycle community, duh! If 17 thousand people come to SoulCycle a day, that’s potentially 17,000 sweat bags and 17,000 water bottles a day that we use out of convenience and lack of information. That’s 34,000 plastic items a day.. potentially 12,410,000 items of plastic a year! That means WE have a huge opportunity to make a difference! 🙂 So without any judgement I challenged my classes‘ riders to be a bit more mindful and bring or purchase a reusable bottle and sweat bags. Right now I would say about 75% of the class has transitioned to reusable and I hope that to be 100% by the week of Earth Day.

Now let me be clear, I’m here to teach not preach. This isn’t about judging or pushing anyone to feel guilty about using plastic, as it’s EVERYWHERE you go and 99 percent of anything purchased or produced is at some point wrapped, shipped, or stored in plastic. This is about building awareness around the little changes we can make as individuals that will lead to spreading knowledge and awareness and eventually make a huge difference. Imagine our grandkids looking at us and asking what we did to help the environment that they have to now live in and raise their children in; like how could we have done nothing with the knowledge that we had? It’s a lot to think about and  a huge responsibility but we are a generation of enlightenment and awareness and I think together we can make an impact!

SO, I’m excited to invite you to my first beach clean-up! We will be meeting at SoulCycle Santa Monica (120 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401) on Earth Day (April 22, 2017) at 1:30pm PT . We will glove up, bag up and hit the beaches! There will be light food and beverages and PRESSSSSSENTS!!!!! (while supplies last)  🙂  Also, there and afterward sweetgreen is offering another free salad courtesy of them which you can redeem at http://bit.ly/sgpixie!

The more the merrier, so friends + family are welcome to join also!

Special thanks to SoulCycle, sweetgreen and Lululemon for supporting this project.


20/ 04/ 2017


| My candy tattoos match your decor, obviously I’m obsessed! 🍭🍬🍫🍡  Jeremy Scott slays it, yet again! Innovator, master creator, visionary!

Black jacket: http://bit.ly/2paUxaY, Flynn Skye dress from Planet Blue: http://bit.ly/2paNzTj, Converse shoes: http://bit.ly/2ozHWBH,

20/ 04/ 2017


| Agent Provocateur Swimsuit: http://bit.ly/1KX4LkX, LF coverup (only sold in-store, similar style: http://bit.ly/2pzs29J), Shorts: vintage Levi’s but Urban Outfitters has a ton of “vintage” Levi’s now http://bit.ly/2qtP7fb, Free People belt: (sold out but a fancy one from Saint Laurent is at http://bit.ly/2pavyEQ)

04/ 04/ 2017


| New week = new evolved you! Change can be such a charged word; as if what we were before wasn’t good enough and we have to change to be better. When in actuality that’s not the case at all; we have to honor the path and journey we’ve traveled and know that without the lessons, mistakes and roadblocks we wouldn’t be the people we are today. So instead of focusing on changing, let’s focus on evolving.And remember, don’t look unless it’s to see how far you’ve come.

Onzie bra on Carbon38: http://bit.ly/2o0RKDh, Alo leggings: http://bit.ly/2o7vd7Y and similar styles at: http://bit.ly/2oARjjS

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