31, 10, 2015

Failure us a bruise not a tattoo | Same with life experience. Nobody’s parents are perfect and although we would love them to be the epitome of unconditional love and the space where we always feel the safest, many times that’s not the case. I think it’s safe to say people do the best they can with what they have, or they lack major self awareness and make horrible mistakes, either way, that’s on them. Once we hit adulthood it’s time for us to take responsibility and be accountable of our own programming or even re-programming. Hiding behind drugs, alcohol, obsession, and fear will get us nowhere. I see a lot of people fearful of accepting love; from friends, from strangers and for sure from potential intimate partners. Your parents are only 2 humans on this planet and there are literally BILLIONS of other humans that may want to, and are even capable of loving you. Sure, the love of a parent is like no other.. Or is it? And you may not ever fill the void once created by your circumstances with you actual parents but if you deny yourself and are not open to receiving love from those around you, then that’s on you. Get out of your own way, you deserve to be loved and adored and celebrated for who you are. In the words of Bob Marley “Emancipate yourself from inner slavery, non nut ourselves can free our mind” 💛✨💪🏽 #selflove #selfworth #shineon #grace #forgiveness #patience #mom #dad #bobmarley #yolo #lovefreely

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