10, 11, 2015

| Being a SoulCycle instructor I get asked all the time “Will spinning make my thighs get big?” Well, here’s my answer. No. Firstly, I ride 9-14, 45min @soulcycle classes a week. I am a size 4, STRONGER and SMALLER than I’ve ever been. I’m a firm believer in cross training so I mix up my workouts with @andreamarcum’s yoga, @trainingmate’s lifting and the occasional @prevail_los_angeles boxing, the list goes on. Here’s the science behind it though • Think of a sprinter vs a runner.
Sprinters are larger in the legs and more muscular because there are two kinds of muscles fibers.
•Quick twitch- these are bigger, thicker and more explosive.
•Slow twitch- these have more endurance but are thinner.
•Sprinters are loaded with fast twitch muscles. These muscles help them explode out of the starting blocks and push off the floor and move their legs quickly.
•Long distance runners are much thinner because they have slow twitch muscles, these mucles last a longer amount of time without tiring out allowing for more endurance. In a #SoulCycle class we are asking our muscles to perform for 45mins, much longer than a sprinter or Olympic lifter and so we are building our slow twitch muscles and they are much smaller in size than fast twitch. Also, there are many moments in class that we are working in an anaerobic state to build muscle and an aerobic state to improve cardio, the mix of HIIT (High-intensity interval-training) to build muscle, burn fat and improve cardio is the perfect combination that will NOT allow your legs to get big. So, happy SoulCycling! #fitnessisthedrugofchoice #hiit #cardio #sprinter #runner #nofilter #healthisyourwealth #ottd #reformation (at Dogtown Coffee (DTC)) Sunglasses: http://bit.ly/1Qw58Xu Top: http://bit.ly/1WSz0wQ Skirt: http://bit.ly/1HIHDDv Shoes: http://bit.ly/1RP7izX

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