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Push-ups. Simple, easy, effective, and everyone seems to do them wrong?

I remember doing push-ups on the hot black tar in Junior high school. Knees down in the gravel, rocks digging in my legs leaving semipermanent divots in my skin. Elbows way out to the side, that’s just how we did them back then. That’s how we still to this day do them. Watching my father suffer from rotator cuff issues I was always sensitive to those injuries and knew; I didn’t want one.
I’ve learned a lot being in the fitness industry for so long and I assume that people know the safest way to do push-ups but I’m learning that’s not the case.

So here’s a quick explanation on how to do the proper push-up without compromising your joints or your rotator cuffs.
1. Keep your elbows back closer to the body rather than at a 90 degree angle from the shoulder. This puts a lot of extra stress on the rotator cuff and increases the possibility of injury.

2. When starting in the upward or “plank” position, lean forward just enough so your shoulders are directly over your wrists.

3. As you drop down to bent elbows or as the yogis call it, ‘chutarunga’, control the down movement, keep it slow and precise. Try to track the elbows to stay right over the wrists. Naturally you’re going to go behind the hands a bit but hey, shoot for the moon!

4. Keep your head and neck inline with your spine, don’t drop your head or chin down, keep your gaze a few inches in front of you.

5. Keep your hips up and avoid swaying your lower back. Focusing on your belly button and lifting towards your kidneys and up will help with that.

6. Drop to your knees if you need a modification but keep your chest open and heart forward.

7. To increase difficulty lift one leg and then the other and cross cross at the ankles for balance.

Enjoy! Keep pushin!

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