18, 10, 2016


img_2509In-N-out betta watch out! 

Just when you think they can’t, they do.

Real talk:  Giving up meat is really hard, well -maybe that’s a lie- not really hard at all, it’s been crazy easy actually. It’s giving up the flavor of a juicy burger hot off the grill that’s really making my tastebuds cry. The smokey charbroiled taste, the smell of the classic American food, the aroma as you wait in line at the drive-thru of In-N-Out, BBq’n in your backyard or just a nasty but oh-so-good burger at a sporting event; those are the things I miss. Knowing what I know now however, there’s just no way on earth I can support sinking my teeth into another juicy burger… Until today!

Today I had it all! Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles serves it from 10am to 2pm five days a week! The smell, the flavor that literally BLEW my mind, the charbroiled juicy bloody bite that made me feel like a carnivore again, the classic american diet paired with warm greasy fresh cut fries and an arnold palmer. Let’s be real, even though I love fitness and I practice eating healthy, I love to EAT also; after-all food IS love! Today was the first time I had this meal 100 percent guilt free!  

Why you ask?  Today’s sensational meal was not brought to you by a heartless money making corporation, it was not brought to you by clearing a rainforest, no animals were displaced or driven out of their habitat, hundreds of gallons of water weren’t wasted and most importantly no cows were tortured tormented and or slaughtered for this burger! It was in fact made of 100% plants and brought to you by Impossible Foods!

WAIT, whaaaaaa?  Well then it had to taste like a cardboard veggie burger? Probably frozen a few times and covered in hot sauce to cover up the flavor. WRONG. Well it’s all soy and gonna give me man tits then. NOPE, INCORRECT.  So then, it for sure doesn’t have as much protein or iron than a meat burger and I need my protein!  Yeah, sorry gonna have to try again.

This Burger is IMPOSSIBLE! Here’s why:  It has more protein AND iron than a regular burger with ZERO animal fat. In fact, because Impossible Foods uses 0% cows, the Impossible Burger uses a fraction of the Earth’s natural resources. Compared to cows, the Impossible Burger uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions. And it’s 100% free of hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients. #organic

SO HOW does it taste so good???  Here’s what they say:

“Our burger is made from simple, all-natural ingredients such as wheat, coconut oil, and potatoes. What makes the Impossible Burger unlike all others is an ingredient called heme. Heme is a basic building block of life on Earth, including plants, but it’s uniquely abundant in meat. We discovered that heme is what makes meat smell, sizzle, bleed, and taste gloriously meaty. Consider it the “magic ingredient” that makes our burger a carnivore’s dream”

And boy does it smell, taste, juice and LOOK like real meat, it even starts out pink and turns brown as you cook it!!!! MIND BLOWN! 

SO, here’s why it’s so important. If you aren’t onboard because you don’t have compassion for the animals, then fine, all good, I get it 100%, no judgment. I mean I’m 35 and I’ve JUST only now figured out that this is how I’m supposed to eat and for my own reasons, no one else’s. However, when I think about the generations to come and the state we’re leaving our planet in, then my moral compass really starts going haywire!

Impossible foods says: “The way the world produces meat today is taking an enormous toll on our planet. According to livestock researchers, animal agriculture uses 30% of all land, over 25% of all freshwater on Earth, and creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all of the world’s cars, trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes combined.

We make the Impossible Burger entirely from plants, without the destructive impact of livestock, so that you, your children, and your grandchildren’s children will always be able to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned burger.”

With impossible foods we are revolutionizing the way we think of eating, the way we can get our protein, and are treating the planet with more respect and compassion so that our children and their children can in fact have longer healthier lives on this gorgeous green (or so we hope it stays green) planet.

SO, wanna sink your teeth into it yet? 

Here’s where you can find it, but it’s been selling out at all locations because it’s that good! I had a burger for breakfast just so I could get my hands on one of these!

Have more questions, here ya go! TELL ME MORE!

Happy guilt free eating!


And also, Crossroads has an insane vegan Chicken’n waffles!

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