21/ 04/ 2017


| The way I see it, every day spent on this planet is huge blessing, a gift, and an opportunity to experience great things. The older I get the more awake I become and the more I learn that knowledge is power and in fact demands action. While I have always been passionate about environmental sustainability and have chosen an almost completely vegan diet in hopes of contributing to a healthier planet after seeing the Plastic Ocean screener at Soho Malibu and learning so much from the film I realized that the world of plastic is world we know NOTHING about, but are being affected by daily. Immediately I heard myself asking; how can I help? What’s my role here, why was this information brought to me and how can I share it with like-minded humans?

The SoulCycle community, duh! If 17 thousand people come to SoulCycle a day, that’s potentially 17,000 sweat bags and 17,000 water bottles a day that we use out of convenience and lack of information. That’s 34,000 plastic items a day.. potentially 12,410,000 items of plastic a year! That means WE have a huge opportunity to make a difference! 🙂 So without any judgement I challenged my classes‘ riders to be a bit more mindful and bring or purchase a reusable bottle and sweat bags. Right now I would say about 75% of the class has transitioned to reusable and I hope that to be 100% by the week of Earth Day.

Now let me be clear, I’m here to teach not preach. This isn’t about judging or pushing anyone to feel guilty about using plastic, as it’s EVERYWHERE you go and 99 percent of anything purchased or produced is at some point wrapped, shipped, or stored in plastic. This is about building awareness around the little changes we can make as individuals that will lead to spreading knowledge and awareness and eventually make a huge difference. Imagine our grandkids looking at us and asking what we did to help the environment that they have to now live in and raise their children in; like how could we have done nothing with the knowledge that we had? It’s a lot to think about and  a huge responsibility but we are a generation of enlightenment and awareness and I think together we can make an impact!

SO, I’m excited to invite you to my first beach clean-up! We will be meeting at SoulCycle Santa Monica (120 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401) on Earth Day (April 22, 2017) at 1:30pm PT . We will glove up, bag up and hit the beaches! There will be light food and beverages and PRESSSSSSENTS!!!!! (while supplies last)  🙂  Also, there and afterward sweetgreen is offering another free salad courtesy of them which you can redeem at http://bit.ly/sgpixie!

The more the merrier, so friends + family are welcome to join also!

Special thanks to SoulCycle, sweetgreen and Lululemon for supporting this project.


04/ 04/ 2017


| New week = new evolved you! Change can be such a charged word; as if what we were before wasn’t good enough and we have to change to be better. When in actuality that’s not the case at all; we have to honor the path and journey we’ve traveled and know that without the lessons, mistakes and roadblocks we wouldn’t be the people we are today. So instead of focusing on changing, let’s focus on evolving.And remember, don’t look unless it’s to see how far you’ve come.

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04/ 04/ 2017


| When you get to shoot a commercial with one of your favorite fighters (https://www.instagram.com/urijahfaber) and he ends up being one of the nicest cats you’ve ever met! Thanks for the laughs, the hangs, the hospitality and the airport drop off! You went above and beyond my man!

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04/ 04/ 2017


| I left a message in the woods for you. 📝🌲🍃🍂🍁  You don’t have to be pretty like her, you can be pretty like you. And don’t you forget it!

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04/ 04/ 2017


| There’s no wifi in the forest but I’m sure that’s where we’ll find the best connection! 🌲🌳🌱🌿🍃🍁

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18/ 03/ 2017


| Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana..Bless you! Kidding, that’s Sanskrit for mermaid pose. So here’s a pretty picture of me pretending to be a mermaid in yoga clothes with the nearest ocean about 66 miles away but it’s a blog photo so it makes sense! My hips are so sore from SoulCycle and muay thai so I’ll be over here stretching out my hip-flexors at the house in my pajamas. 

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12/ 03/ 2017


| Anyone else this excited for the weekend?!?!? Well, I am. Happy Sunday y’all, make it a good one!

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06/ 03/ 2017


| Headed to NYC today to chill-❄️🌬literally!☃️

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03/ 03/ 2017


| Friday’s always feel so good to me. The energy of the week gets lighter, the overall vibration in all of my classes feels electric and celebratory! We’ve all made it another day, through the workweek and into the weekend! I had a fantastic day celebrating @sj.sugs and @jadegirlsmom on their birthdays and I’m wishing @teriweinberg and @stern3000, @americaferrera and @ryanpierswilliams a joyous and successful race in their triathlons this weekend! Life is good and I am proud to be in this tribe, together we are an Army of Love!

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02/ 03/ 2017

Standing with Standing Rock

| When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money! I still stand with Standing Rock!

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